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Vyvanse is a drug commonly taken by people suffering from (ADHD). Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder is a central nervous system problem. Using Vyvanse helps to treat it. There are some things to consider before starting this medication:

* Do not use if you also take an MAO inhibitor.
* Heart disease including any heart disorders


* Peripheral vascular disease such as diabetic neuropathy
* High blood pressure
* Do not take if you also take an anti-depressant.
* Any heart attack history.
* Coronary artery disease
* Do not take if you are pregnant
* Do not take if you have any psychotic disorder

Vysanse can greatly improve the life of many people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It can help an older child be able to cope with a regular school day. As long as you are aware of what to watch for your child can gain great benefits from taking this medication if he needs it. ADHD is a very disruptive condition that can interfere with a childs life. Be sure to let their teachers know of this condition and monitor it. When your child can do his or her work calmly and interact with other children in a normal way you will know of the best benefit from taking it.
If you do buy Vyvanse remember that it is habit forming and a prescribed drug to treat a particular condition. Do not give any to friends or relatives.
Dispose of expired medication safely. Ask your doctor or pharmacy about the best way to do so.

Take this as it is prescribed by your doctor. Always take it in the mornings only. If you take it at night it will give you insomnia.
Swallow the capsule whole or sprinkle the contents into a glass of water and drink it.
Overdose symptoms to keep a watch for are:
* Tremors
* Muscle weakness and twitches
* Rapid breathing
* Nausea and vomiting
* Diarrhea
* Irregular heartbeat

Do not drink any fruit juices or eat fruit such as grapefruit with this medication as that could affect it absorption.

Side Effects:
* Dizziness, becoming irritable
* Insomnia
* Nausea, any stomach pain, diarrhea
* Dry mouth, weight loss, loss of appetite
* Pain, skin color changes, feeling cold, numbness on extremities
* Paranoia
* Any chest pain or shortness of breath. An uneven heart beat

This drug is not for children under the age of six years. If you do buy Vyvanse use caution and keep the medicine out of reach.



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